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Interior Design of Plantherapy by Spazehaus located at Eco Business Park Johor Bahru
Awarded Best in Malaysia Design

A new therapy experience with plants, essential oils & dessert.

Plantherapy | 植物芳疗

植物 • 精油 • 甜点 の 植疗咖啡馆


概念来自于 terrarium(玻璃盆景),





玻璃球的设计是一个大型的terrarium ,


视觉、触觉、嗅觉、味觉、听觉 ,






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- Best in Malaysia Award  -

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Stove Boiled Tea : RM69.90

Golden Silk Bird Nest RM69.90

(served with two Bird Nest Ice Cream Tart)

Choice of flavors :




Brown Sugar Ginger

Gula Melaka

Princess Theme Afternoon Tea Set :  RM89.90

( Snow white or Beauty and the beast )

Set Menu :  

Set Menu :

Set Menu : 

Set Menu : 

Set A - Healing Yourself

Healing Yourself

Iced Coffee serve with fresh milk

Coffee Tart


"all that we are is the result of what we have thought "


Set Menu :

Set Menu : 

Set Menu : 

Set B - Born to Sparkle

Born To Sparkle

Grapefruit Sparkling drink

Chocolate cake


"Spread the sparkle,

Unleash your inner sparkle"


Set Menu :

Set Menu : 

Set Menu : 

Set C - Create Your Own Sunshine

Create Your Own Sunshine

Passion fruit Sparkling drink

Almond Delight Cake


"When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine"


Light Food Menu :  

SS1. Tomato Sauce Spaghetti Set RM36.90

SS2. Creamy Sauce Spaghetti Set RM36.90

F1.  Tuna Sandwich with Americano  RM24.90

F2.  Egg Mayo Croissant with Americano RM24.90

F3. Chewy Bagel set with Americano RM24.90

F4. Egg Toast set with Americano RM24.90

F5. Tomato Sauce Chicken Spaghetti a la carte RM22.90

F6. Creamy Sauce Chicken Spaghetti a la carte RM22.90

F7. Nuggets and Fries with Bonito Flakes RM15.90

F8. 8" Chicken Pizza RM22.90

F9. 8" Button Mushroom Pizza RM22.90

F10. Sharing Is Caring RM35

F11. Mashed Potato with Fries RM13.90

F12. Mushroom Soup RM15.90

F13. Salmon Soup RM18.90

​A la carte Menu : 

Plantherapy Special Drink RM16.90

​A la carte Menu : 

Hot Tea RM14.90

​A la carte Menu :  Kombucha RM16.90

Passion Fruit : Organic black tea, organic cane sugar, filtered water, passion fruit

Orange Yuzu : Organic black tea, organic cane sugar, filtered water, Sunkist orange, yuzu

French Rose Lychee : Organic black tea, organic cane sugar, filtered water, French rose, lychee

Longan Red Dates : Organic black tea, organic cane sugar, premium longan, premium red dates, premium wolfberry

​A la carte Drink :  coffee series

C1.  Hot /Cold Americano RM12.90

C2.  Iced White RM16.90

C3.  Hot White RM14.90

C4.  Espresso RM12.90

C5.  Caramel Coffee RM16.90

C6.  Citrus Coffee RM16.90

C7.   Strawberry Latte RM16.90

​A la carte Drink : 

D1.  Strawberry Milk RM16.90

D2.  Honey Lemon RM12.90

D3.  Brown Sugar Ginger Tea RM12.90

D4.  Fruit Tea RM16.90

D5.  Hot/Ice Chocolate RM13.90

D6. Purple Sweet Potato Milk RM16.90

D7. Berry Berry Sparkling RM16.90

D8. Sky Juice RM1.00

​A la carte Dessert : 

A1.  Plantherapy Special Brie Cheese Cake RM25.90

A2.  Burnt Cheese Cake RM19.90

A3.  Korean Swiss Roll RM13.90
A4.  Chocolate Cheese Cake RM19.90

A5.  Royal Dark Chocolate RM19.90

A6.  New York Cheese Cake RM19.90

A7.   Almond Delight RM18.90

A8. Opera RM18.90

A9. Meringue Raspberry White Chocolate RM18.90

A10. Marshmallow Toast RM14.90

​A11. Cheesy Toast RM18.90

A12. Scoop-n-Smile (Big) RM59.90

A13. Scoop-n-Smile (Mini) RM12.90

​Others Menu : 

B1. Original Crème Brulee RM9.90

B2.  Brulee ( Matcha Red Bean / Earl Grey Lychee / Chocolate ) RM11.90

​Gift Box RM89.90 :

Icing Cookies ( 2 design,) x3 for each design 

Earl grey Cookie x5

Cranberry Cookie x5

Rosemary Cookie x3

Coconut Cookie x5

Meringue Candies 

Flower Tea x4

Private Dining Experience 

Pre - Booking